HIIT Circuit

Over-training + Under-eating = Under-Recovering

Is this you?   You exercise every day, sometimes twice daily. You anally track your food, down to the last calorie. You push yourself to your limits every day, but something truly awful is happening.   Despite your hard workout regime and eating habits, you can’t seem to lose any more weight. In fact, you […]



NEW TEAM MEMBER! We’re excited to announce that we have a new trainer joining our team here at Ready Set Toned! Hope has been a PT for 2 years and her ambition is to inspire others to reach their potential by using easy and sustainable fitness and nutrition habits.   1. When did you start getting […]


How to HIIT in the gym

Many of you who have been around the gym lifestyle for long enough have heard the term “HIIT TRAINING” before. But what is it and what does it mean?   HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training and is currently ranked on top of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness […]



Where you are with your weight loss or strength progression is YOUR fault, so it’s time to stop blaming everything except your own actions. Before I go any further, this following post was written with the inspiration of another fitness professional, Angus Fairbairn, who, under no circumstances, sugar-coats anything when it comes to health and […]

Food for thought

Mental Health and Diet

Mental Health disorders, in particular depression, accounts for the highest burden of disability on a global scale. Despite an increase in the recognition, acceptance, and treatment of depression and anxiety, data from around the world suggests that rates may be increasing, particularly in young people. The 20th Century has seen major shifts in our global […]


Struggling with Injury – Blog by Heather

Struggling with Injury (in my case back) in your quest to be healthy can be a very debilitating in every form, the obvious  is of course pain, inflammation, nerve damage and the continual day to day stuff that you do to stay mobile like washing,  house work,  grocery shopping,  sitting, etc. I’m Heather, RST fitness […]

nic activewear

Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Activewear

People make assumptions.   We Judge We Flatter We Criticise We Compliment   And sometimes this is all based on your first contact with someone. Our instincts of someone’s character are often mapped out in the first few seconds, and whether that be a positive or a negative feeling, it’s normally something that the other […]


What weight lifting taught me about being a woman – Emily

I saw a post online a little while ago about this topic, and I thought I would add my own two cents. Lifting has taught me that strong is feeling powerful, strong is feeling limitless, strong is feeling powerful. It has taught me that accepting failure is an ok, because in lifting, failure means you […]


What is the fitness plateau and how can I fix it?

So you’ve been training for a while, doing the same things, and it feels like it’s getting easier. Fantastic, right? You’re getting fitter, and stronger, and that’s wonderful. You stick to your old faithful workouts because it feels comfortable, and follow the same schedule. You may not even realise it – you’re so used to […]