HIIT Circuit

Over-training + Under-eating = Under-Recovering

Is this you?   You exercise every day, sometimes twice daily. You anally track your food, down to the last calorie. You push yourself to your limits every day, but something truly awful is happening.   Despite your hard workout regime and eating habits, you can’t seem to lose any more weight. In fact, you […]


What is the fitness plateau and how can I fix it?

So you’ve been training for a while, doing the same things, and it feels like it’s getting easier. Fantastic, right? You’re getting fitter, and stronger, and that’s wonderful. You stick to your old faithful workouts because it feels comfortable, and follow the same schedule. You may not even realise it – you’re so used to […]


Motivation: why taking progress photos is important

How to keep your motivation going when you’re feeling low   Everyone can be motivated a little differently. The best way to be motivated is to learn what works best for you. Everybody has their own brand of self-encouragement and determination. Each of us is motivated a little differently.   Personally, I’m motivated by my progress photos. I’m […]


Soreness after the Challenge Walk?

  Hey everyone! How are we feeling after the walk yesterday?? For someone who runs more than they walk, I really struggled with yesterday. My fitness was up for it but my brain wasn’t. And today I’ve woken up with a sore back (I can thank a weeks worth of deadlifts for that), sore hips, […]