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Struggling with Injury (in my case back) in your quest to be healthy can be a very debilitating in every form, the obvious  is of course pain, inflammation, nerve damage and the continual day to day stuff that you do to stay mobile like washing,  house work,  grocery shopping,  sitting, etc.

I’m Heather, RST fitness trainer and it started from a fall down my stairs at home (thankfully no broken bones… yet). Ouch! that hurt but I got up dusted off and went about my daily stuff, whilst very sore I manage the pain by heat packing, massages and rest with pain killers.

Couple of weeks went by and nothing I was doing was giving me relief, so off to the Osteopath. I went to see if he could work some magic on my back and give me some mobility and reduce the inflammation that was burning in my back & hip.  Started with body manipulation then dry needling which I will say was not very nice!  However, it did reduce the inflammation and the tears in my eyes dried up. Then bang! A month later, had another fall. This time on a cruise ship (not drunk) rocked by high winds & lots of rain. The pain had gone from manageable to off the scale; lots of pain killers were required to get through the cruise.

Now it was serious. A month off and no training or classes and a call to the doctors – I went to find what I had really done to my back, resulting in a CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray, Bone Density scan, MRI, Osteopathy, and Physio! Thank god that is nearly finished!


Damage done: L2,L3,L4,5 & S1 bulging disc, nerve damage (which is not pleasant) and of course the evil of inflammation which is a hell of pain and probably the most debilitating I think. As an aside, during this process of crawling and walking like quasimotto around to different places for my back, I  broke  my finger and it is now in a cast. Impressive effort, even for me! Everything comes in threes and the flu was the last.

Whilst it has been a few months of debilitating pain, not to mention the emotional agony of not being able to train like I used to before, I also acknowledge that it is so important to REST and get better. I have been walking and doing lots of hip/lower back stretches while I wait for test results and to see my surgeon. As I’d rather not undergo surgery to fix my back, I am looking at other ways to return to full strength. It is a long process but hopefully one that will give me back my freedom to train hard again and continue a healthy body in my later years (I’m now 57yrs old and have a lot left in me!).

The moral of this story is though I have been in pain and sometimes thought I couldn’t cope anymore there is a rainbow on the horizon. I am thankfully that I persisted with treatment and continued to remain lightly active, whilst resting when necessary. Always listen to your body when things are not feeling right; don’t push through it, find what the problem is and work to fix it even if it means just walking to stay healthy. It is isn’t always about doing your normal routine at the gym with weights or playing that game of sport, you have only one body look after it and it will continue to give you pain free life.

I was lucky that I am pretty fit & healthy, as it could have been much worse (broken hip..!!). Simple things like keeping active in anyway can be beneficial to our overall health and mobility. Functional exercises along with balance/stretching exercises should be something you add into your daily routine to enable you to perform any program you choose to do. Staying young is in your mind and body – it’s not just a number that you turn each year.




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