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Many of you who have been around the gym lifestyle for long enough have heard the term “HIIT TRAINING” before.

But what is it and what does it mean?


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training and is currently ranked on top of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018. The HIIT trend start around 10 years ago, and has only grown in popularity to being a staple workout or class found in every gym.

HIIT can be a variety of different shapes and sizes, using strength equipment, body weight, cardio, or a combination of all of the above.

HIIT uses intense but short bouts of exercise to reap maximum results. Some benefits include improved heart and lung function.

The only way to get the benefit of the short session is to give 100% maximum effort for the time allocated.


Here are some rules for creating your own HIIT workout!

REDUCE VOLUME – shorter intervals, shorter workouts, and fewer times per week. The best way to get what you need from your hiit workout includes workouts of 30 minutes or less (work time), between 10-120 seconds with appropriate amounts of rest, and no more than 3-4 workouts a week. Please note: HIIT is not the only style of training your body needs.

PUSH YOUR LIMITS – Put in 100% effort for 100% result. You’re looking for overload in your heart and lungs. Find exercises that leave you gasping struggling for air. It can be as simple as jogging in place, star jumps or burpees. You must be able to manipulate the work and rest easily.

COMMIT TO REST – Give yourself adequate recovery time between the exercise periods. Instead of trying to sustain high intensity for the full 30 minutes, make sure that you are pushing for short periods of time, and recover entirely before going again. The beauty of HIIT is how hard you can push, not how long you can go.

Make sure you schedule adequate recovery time between workouts, at least around 36 hours for optimal effect.


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