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How to keep your motivation going when you’re feeling low


Everyone can be motivated a little differently. The best way to be motivated is to learn what works best for you. Everybody has their own brand of self-encouragement and determination. Each of us is motivated a little differently.


Personally, I’m motivated by my progress photos. I’m motivated by my achievement.


People who are motivated by achievement desire to improve skills or themselves, and prove their ability to themselves and others. It can be classified as an internal desire to strive for personal accomplishment or a search for positive feedback or recognition from others.

If you’re motivated by achievement and recognition from others, try and make your goals something personal like being healthy and fit for your family.

If you’re more intrinsically motivated, take photos of yourself regularly so you can compare them and see the results. When you do notice changes, take a moment to reflect and bask in the glory. Allow your success to motivate you to future changes!

2015 – 84kgs Post ankle and knee injury = pity eating and no training
2016 – December 1900 cal 71kg 29% muscle mass
2017 – August 2008 cal 75kg 33% muscle mass


Sometimes you need photos to compare where you’ve been to where you are.
From pity eating and injuries, to kitchen scales, lifting ridiculous weights, and practically dying from DOMS every day, I’m finally starting to be happy with the body I see in the mirror. Don’t be scared of those photos – take them (they don’t have to be twatty flex photos!)
I’ve learnt the lesson that the number on the scales doesn’t matter. And that these sorts of photos keep me motivated. When the number on the scales starts to go up, it can be terrifying.
But my confidence in myself has improved a lot. My ability to move without being terrified of injuring my legs again has increased so much since taking proper care of myself. And I’m having less anxiety attacks the more training I do. And these pictures have helped to keep me motivated to push through the pain and keep training.

So don’t let that number be the only thing that matters to you. Find more worthwhile things (and I do mean that it’s more worthwhile – your health isn’t necessarily limited to that number) to focus on, because I guarantee it helps you stick to this lifestyle a lot longer.

Find your thing, whether it be fitting into a dress that you used to be able to, or buying a size smaller than you normally do to aim for. Find what works for you!

Em x


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