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It’s almost 12 months ago to the date that my body was in it’s best shape it had ever been. I had knuckled down and committed myself to a goal – and I damned well got it.

Was it easy – NO (but it wasn’t unattainable to the ‘normal’ person.)

Did it take some form of planning – YES (but the planning kept me on track)

Did it make me feel great – HELL YES!

Did I learn a lot about myself – YEP (more than I ever thought possible)

Did I LOVE my body and how I felt fuelling it with amazing healthy food every day – ABOSOLUTELY

Did I let ‘life’ take over and make me lose focus – REGRETTABLY, YES.

Not long after I got my body to where I felt comfortable in my own skin, my family went on a trip of a lifetime; a month-long overseas trip to the U.S., where I quite literally ate my way through various states of America. In my head, I think I was justifying the copious amounts of food by telling myself that the short period of time would not undo the work I had put in. How wrong I was. In that short space of time I gained over 4kgs of body fat and felt downright hideous. I instantly embarked on another ‘plan’ to rid myself of the weight, but day after day I found myself self-sabotaging my efforts.

A few weeks after I returned from holidays, I bought the gym. This would have to be the biggest life changing event if my adult life (not including the birth of my 2 beautiful kids), and since this venture, I have been using the all to common excuses I hear from most of my clients.

I don’t have time

I don’t look that bad

I’ll workout this afternoon

Just one more bite won’t kill me

But the kids just have so much on after school, making dinner is impossible!

Yep, I was just like you have been in at least one (or all) stages of your life. Deep down, you know the excuses you are making for not eating well, or getting in shape is just that, an excuse. The reasoning behind it – I’m not quite sure, but I can tell you one thing, the amount of effort involved in changing your life just a little so you can plan your meals and make time for a workout sure outweighs not liking how you feel in your own skin.

Yesterday I stepped on the scales and I can sadly say that I am the heaviest I have been as a Personal Trainer, and I’m not proud of it. I have gained over 6kg of body fat this past year! Day after day I impart the knowledge that I know myself to others about portion control, moderation, saying no, moving more, being accountable and making choices you can be proud of. Lately I have been feeling a little hypocritical as I stand there and tell people to have one square of chocolate, while I know that I ate the whole goddam Lindt bunny the night before!

nics progress

This blog is not only letting you guys know that I am not only human, but I make terrible choices that I’m not happy about on most days. I am hard on myself, because I feel I have a standard to uphold to make sure all my ladies can see the benefits of good food and exercise will mean to them. I highly believe in the saying ‘practice what you preach’, and I’m not practicing much at all right now.

From this day – I am being accountable to YOU!

I will be tracking my progress for the next few months and posting my progress shots regularly, taking you on the journey with me. I know I can do this, I know it will make me feel amazing, and I know I have you all in my team, because that’s what team RST do for each other.

Nic xxx

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    • Julie Roberts
    • May 18, 2017

    Do remember an older lady who found you on face book 2Yrs ago completely by accident? You helped her shed 20 were her on earth guardian 😇 You were SO SUPPORTIVE
    BUT then she let “life” get in the way. Health , finance, family – all valid reasons but also excuses .
    Well 🤔 That lady just read your blog and cried . You have once again found me by accident ( I call it Fate or karma)
    Help 😥😥😥

      • Nicole
      • May 18, 2017

      How can I forget you…… my intention was to not make people cry, but to make people aware that we are all human – we just have to make the best out of what life throws at us and do what needs to be done to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

    • Jen
    • May 18, 2017

    For so many years I’ve seen you as this ‘unique super human’ that can remain disciplined & motivated at all times and therefore I could not possibly achieve even close to what you could (yet another excuse). To see that you have the same struggles & fall off the wagon like the rest of us is incredibly empowering.
    Thanks so much for sharing. It’s just what I needed at the moment 👍😘😘

      • Nicole
      • May 18, 2017

      You can still call me a ‘super-human’ all you like! While it’s far from the truth, I like to think that I can inspire everyone who thinks that their dream body is so far out of reach that they give up before they even begin.
      I miss you terribly – maybe one day Narellan Road won’t stop our paths form crossing. x

    • Michele Glavich
    • May 18, 2017

    You are not a hypocrite Nicole your honesty regarding your personal struggle is so refreshing and reminds me that we are all in the same boat with wanting more for ourselves and just how hard it can be. You walk the talk and that makes me dig in a little more every time i feel I can’t. Thankyou so much for all you do and for inspiring me to want and believe that i can be more. You are truly amazing

    • Mel
    • May 18, 2017

    Thanks. Just the post i needed to read today. I feel like ill never lose the weight that ive just got too much to lose., thanks for your honesty and imparting your humanity with us. ❤

    • Mel
    • May 18, 2017

    Sometimes i feel like i”ll never lise the weight because i have so much to lose. Thank you for sharing. Just the kick i needed today to get me to metafit and focusing on finding a better / healthier me

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