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Where you are with your weight loss or strength progression is YOUR fault, so it’s time to stop blaming everything except your own actions.

Before I go any further, this following post was written with the inspiration of another fitness professional, Angus Fairbairn, who, under no circumstances, sugar-coats anything when it comes to health and fitness. He tells it how it is. The blog that I read, and will re-word today (with his permission), really resonated with me.

Sometimes I find it hard to word my answers when people continually find a reason to never be able to hit their goals, to stick to their plans, or to reward themselves with food for ‘being on track’ for a whole 24 hours.

“But my husband just drove through the Hungry Jacks drive-through, and I was STARVING… what was I meant to do?”

“My Nonna always serves me a really big bowl of pasta – I can’t hurt her feelings and not eat ALL of it, can I?”

How you react to these situations is YOUR choice, and your choices and actions every single day are what gets you to where you are TODAY.

You have to stand up and own responsibility for each and every choice and action that got you here. Stop blaming external factors, because, believe it or not, you have control over all of them.

We all make mistakes – I totally get that (I make them myself). The difference is, I am willing to own the fact that I am responsible for where I am at with my body and ultimate goals. The sooner you can get to this point, the sooner you will see results and progress.

There is no magic pill, no ‘diet’ that works better than another, no exercise routine you MUST do, no motivational quote that will get you through your day better, no protein supplement that will burn fat (at all!).

To change, you actually have to want to change.

And I don’t mean that in a “yeah, losing a few kilos would be pretty good, I guess” kinda way. I mean you actually have to make some long-term (and I mean LONG-term) mindset changes. If you go back to doing the same shit you’ve been doing as a habit every second day, you will be in the same place in 12 months that you are today, and still wondering why you’re not where you thought you would be.

I cannot give you all the answers you need. I can tell you what I eat, how I train, how much sleep I get, how I deal with my emotional eating habits, and how I stay motivated year after year….. BUT this is not YOUR solution. Until YOU take action yourself, no amount of fitness inspo from others is going to help.

If what I have written is too harsh…then please stop reading now.

For those who are actually ready to accept responsibility for their own actions for every choice that they make, then you may just be ready to see some progress.

It doesn’t have to be hard! BUT,

It will mean that you must change some habits that you have been holding onto for a long time.

You will have to make some sacrifices at the start. (yes, those all-weekend, don’t give a shit because I’ve been so good through the week benders will have to go)

You can still enjoy what you are eating, but you may have to change your perspective on how you look at food. It’s not an emotion support tool. Find hobbies or habits that take your focus away from food being the answer. This can take time – but you are worth it.

I know that some of you reading this will still feel that the end is so far away that you will NEVER get there. If that is your attitude, then you’re right, you will NEVER get there.

You have to believe it. You have to REALLY want it. You have to picture yourself there. If you can’t picture it, or don’t envisage the new you, then there will actually never be a new you.

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