About Nicole Butler

* Cert IV Personal Trainer
* MetaFit Certified Instructor
* MetaPwr Certified Instructor
* HIITStep Certified Instructor
* TRX / Suspension Training Certification
* Owner and Head Trainer

What’s your best fitness achievement:

* Being able to do a few pullups in a row.
* Being almost 40 and having less injuries than Emily!

What made you get into fitness:

After having kids and gaining weight and in some way, my own identity, I embarked on my own weightloss journey. I joined a gym and found a healthy balance and managed to shed almost 25kgs. I wanted to share my story with other women in similar situations to myself, not only to prove that it IS possible to make time for YOU, but to change your body in ways that you may not even be able to imagine.

Pet Peeve in the Gym:

When the weights in the weights rack get put back out of order!!!!

Favourite Training:

The deadlift, which I’m hoping to improve in the near future.

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Monday 5:30PM - 6PM
MetaFit / MetaPWR
Thursday 4PM - 4:30PM
Thursday 9:10AM - 10AM
Thursday 4PM - 4:30PM
MetaFit / MetaPWR
Tuesday 6AM - 6.30AM
Tuesday 9.10AM - 9.40AM