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I saw a post online a little while ago about this topic, and I thought I would add my own two cents. Lifting has taught me that strong is feeling powerful, strong is feeling limitless, strong is feeling powerful. It has taught me that accepting failure is an ok, because in lifting, failure means you have reached your max capacity.

I lift for myself and every day it shows me that I am in full control of changing my body. Seeing — and feeling — the results never ceases to amaze me, achieving things that I never thought I could do empowers me.

I find that there are few things that make me feel more empowered than lifting weights. Some women don’t believe weight lifting is ‘for them’, as well as many men don’t believe women can lift (at least in my experience, even as a trainer, I still have men telling me what I can and can’t do in the gym). Every time I hit the gym I feel like I am shattering the perception of the limitations of women.

Lifting weights makes me feel more feminine, because it makes me feel powerful, strong, and limitless. The way a woman should feel.

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